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Coaching & Mentoring

Understanding the Distinction Coaching vs. Mentoring

Coaching is a process of ongoing guided professional conversation that enables clients to maximize their personal and professional potentials. The goal of coaching is to provide professional support, training, and guidance to clients to solve specific problems in their workplace.

Mentoring is a relationship that is mutually designed to offer support, advice, and assistance to emerging leaders, students, or entry-level professionals to acquire knowledge, manage their own learning, and acquire the expertise they need for effective practice in their areas of practice.

Seven Hours (one hour on each topic) of Mentoring and Coaching Learning Strategies to Grow your Leadership and Management Ability

Invest in yourself. The Seven Topics for Emerging Leaders and Managers

The meaning and the context of leadership and management

The role of character in leadership effectiveness

The importance of communication in leadership

Emotional regulation and the role of empathy in leadership

Mental health knowledge for leaders and managers

Establishing trust and rapport with people

The role of diversity and inclusion in leadership